Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Kitchen is a Grocery Store

Some of our scavenges: a mirror, chair, table, box of tissues, and princess trash can. Photo by Rachel Salois

One week ago, Allyson made a Facebook event called “Give us your leftovers” in which, people would give us all their food when they moved out, and, in turn, we would give a coupon for a free hug (expires June 1st). We were clear about what we wanted: everything except used toilet paper, moldy things, pet fish, and Cheese Wiz.

We had no idea that by making this event, Allyson and I would be the proud owners of 9 salad dressings, 3 jars of peanut butter, 4 containers of salt, a princess trash can, a multi-colored Christmas lights rope, a television, and 3 mega-boxes of instant mashed potatoes. Our cupboards and fridge are literally exploding with food. (No joke: a stick of butter just dove for Allyson’s foot when she tried to put away the pasta salad a few minutes ago. We were able to subdue it and get it back in the shelf with some effort.)

Clearly this is a tribute to the generosity of our friends, and to their love of buying mashed potato flakes and not eating them (perhaps a wise choice—what are they made of?). Thank you!

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Liz Crawford said...

That's awesome! My roommate and I roamed the halls the other day in search of "trash" we could adopt for our place. Trash can, drying rack, pots and pans, a sandwich press, and a magic eight ball were some of the treasures we found!